Job Search Motivation To stay motivated

Job hunting and job applications can be a real burden in the long term. At the beginning most of them start highly motivated, but after weeks and months this motivation fades and gives way to resignation and disappointment. It is no shame if the job search takes a little longer.

After all, companies like to take their time for answers to applications and the application process as such. These five ways help you to stay motivated while looking for a job.

Look for fellow combatants. In the long run, it can be depressing to always search for jobs alone. Join other job seekers – for example in forums. It is optimal if the group members come from the same industry, but live spatially far apart. Because then everyone knows about the industry, but they do not compete with each other.

Avoid contact with negative people. As hard as it sounds, people who only tell you how bad the labor market situation is can not use your job search. As important as these people may be to you, your job search unfortunately hampers these people.

Find a job to balance. Whether hobby or volunteer. Find a job that has nothing to do with job hunting and allows you to clear your mind.

Get the support of your family. Whatever you do, please make sure your family is behind you. Discuss your approach with your partner and plan together. Without this support your motivation will not last long.

Set clear goals. How many applications do you want to write today? Which companies do you still need to contact this week? Set clear goals that you can achieve and mark as done. That motivates tremendously.

Tips for a successful job search

Now you are already equipped with a lot of knowledge about job hunting and can start your job search in a well-thought-out, targeted and organized way. So that your project is really crowned with success at the end and you get the promise for a new job, we have put together a lot of tips for you to help you with the job search.

Take advantage of all possibilities

The greatest chances for a successful job search you have then, if you set up your application strategy wide and really use the many different possibilities. Although you can confine yourself to looking only for different employers and job advertisements on a platform and then send applications, so you restrict yourself and your job search but one.

The more versatile you get to finding a job, the faster you can find suitable positions and companies. Take a look at job fairs, create an online profile and a digital resume to be found by an employer yourself, or keep your eyes and ears open to find jobs as soon as the search begins.

Build a network and contacts

It is often preached, but rarely actually implemented. Not only in the job itself, but already in the job search, contacts and a good network can be important factors that can influence the success. For example, you may already have contacts with companies you want to apply for or find out about vacancies before they are even advertised.

In addition, it is known how many places through relationships, the known vitamin B, awarded. A useful contact can make the difference between accepting and rejecting.

Develop a job search plan

Many applicants simply rush headfirst into the job search. The goal is certain, but the way to get there is chaotic in most cases. Jobs are searched, then an application written, again jobs are searched, in between still the resume is updated and a job fair picked out and then again searched jobs. Everything pretty confused and without organization.

It is better if you think about the process of your job search. It is helpful to have a structured plan that you can divide, for example, into the individual days of the week. You use the Monday to search for vacancies, and the cover letters are written on Tuesdays. On Wednesday you try to call the companies and make a first contact and on Thursday you send your application documents …

Let us help you

If it simply does not work with the job search and there is a rejection after the other, something must be changed at some point. This can work on its own by analyzing possible errors, finding out whether qualifications are missing or what could be optimized.

However, some applicants come to their limits. With professional help, you can relaunch the job search. Coaches and application helpers are many, so a thorough comparison is essential. Prices and services can be very different and in the end, the chemistry between you and the expert must be right.

Do not give up prematurely

Job hunting can take some time, cost a lot of nerves and get you to the point where you would like to quit. However, if you fall into self-doubt and no longer believe that the new job will work, it will be reflected in your applications, as you will not be able to put the necessary self-confidence into your cover letter.

Not only optimism, but also good support is very important to persevere. If your family and good friends back you up, it will be easier for you to continue despite obstacles and ultimately reach your goal.