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Success Deals Via Data Room Services

Creation of document templates and success deals with virtual data room services in electronic form saves time for new documents and reduces the risk of errors.

A Virtual Data Room Provider and Its Advantages

The storage of data room services is the same as for ordinary documents with the same level of confidentiality. The main requirement for storage is the exclusion of unauthorized documents. Transfer between divisions should be carried out against receipt and recorded in the journal. Removal outside the premises is possible only with the permission of authorized persons. The hard drive is registered with a stamp corresponding to the category of the computer, regardless of the purpose of its use. There should be a label on the hard drive case. When transferring a computer for repair, you must either remove the hard drive, or it is guaranteed to remove information from it or be present during the repair.

Copying files from registered online data room is allowed only on computers whose category is not lower than the media’s secrecy label. Each copy must be recorded in a regular or electronic journal. Particular attention should be paid to the removal of information from the media. The usual methods of deleting files do not lead to the deletion of the data area; only the logical level is erased. In addition, when deleting, it should be taken into account that in modern processing tools, information exists in several copies, under different names.

Ensuring the information security of an organization with a virtual data room is based on the adoption of such measures as:

  • Analysis of potential and real situations that pose a threat to the security of enterprise information;
  • Assessment of the nature of threats to information security;
  • Adoption and comprehensive distribution of measures to identify the threat;
  • Implementation of the measures taken to prevent the threat.

Technological measures of Success Deals Via Data Room Service

Let now consider technological measures to control the integrity of bit sequences stored on data room services:

  • The integrity of the information in the data areas is checked using a control code, the control numbers of which are written after the corresponding areas, and the corresponding markers are included in the controlled area.
  • To ensure control of the integrity of information, a cyclic control code is most often used. This method, which gives good results when protecting against the influence of random factors, does not have imitation resistance at all, i.e., it does not provide protection against the deliberate actions of an intruder leading to the imposition of false data.

To control the integrity of , you can use methods of imitation protection based on cryptographic transformations. They provide reliable control of the data stored in the system, but at the same time, they are implemented in the form of voluminous programs and require significant computing resources. The notion of transaction correctness is defined as follows. The user should not modify the data arbitrarily, but only in certain ways, that is, so that the integrity of the data is preserved. In other words, data can only be changed through correct transactions and cannot be done by arbitrary means. In addition, it is assumed that the “correctness” of each of these transactions can be proven in some way. Changes to data can only be carried out by users specially authenticated for this purpose. This principle works in conjunction with the following four, with which its role in the overall scheme.

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